That was only the second humanist funeral I've ever been to, and I was really impressed. It was such a lovely service.

I can't believe you never met her. The way you talked about her, it was like you'd known her for years.

Very well spoken.  It was very 'him'. All the things you were saying - they fitted perfectly.

Pleasant, professional and did exactly what we  wanted.  It was a lovely way to think of her and to say 'goodbye'.

The ceremony ran very smoothly and was professionally organised. The tone was dignified and uplifting throughout.

It couldn't have been done better, and we'll remember it, and of course her, with great pleasure.

Thank you for the way in which you supported us for my aunt's funeral . It was a bit more emotional than I had expected and having you there was a great support.

I read the service you wrote for our dad with a tear in my eye. It’s beautifully done. Thank you.

The other thing that I liked was the compassion you had for my Mum and how caring you were, asking if she would have company and be looked after that night after an extremely stressful few weeks for her.  I can't thank you enough for all you did for us.

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