Humanists UK was founded in 1896 and now has over 85,000 members.  The organisation puts humanism into practice through effective campaigning and services, supporting lasting change for happier, more fulfilling lives.  They have been conducting non-religious funerals, weddings and baby namings for over 120 years. I also have a web page on their site and you can find me on their Find A Celebrant map here.


What is humanism?

If you're looking for a simple, straightforward explanation of humanist values and our outlook on life, try starting with this video produced by Humanists UK and narrated by our patron, Stephen Fry - "Every Human Being"

Find out more about humanist funerals

For more information on humanist funeral ceremonies, download our Humanist Ceremonies leaflet or watch a short video about the experience of organising a humanist funeral, take a look at the Humanist Ceremonies website.

Copy of Humanists UK Humanist Ceremonies

Grief Resources

Grief is a complicated, messy business. It certainly doesn't follow a neat, linear process and we all experience grief differently. We can often feel like we are the only person with these feelings, when in fact very often those feelings are shared, but the difficulty and hesitation in speaking about grief can often lead to isolation. There has been a real movement over recent years to initiate a more open and honest conversation around death and grief, which can only be a positive development. We need to feel able and encourage others to share our experiences, and start that dialogue.

Luckily there are some great resources on grief and death available, which I'll be posting here as I find them.






Top of my list has to be the very wonderful podcast by Cariad Lloyd, Griefcast.  This a regular series in which comedians talk about the death of someone close to them, their own grief journey - and the peculiarities of life.  Definitely worth a listen!